1. Before transporting

There are two methods of obtaining an vehicle shipping quote from BAE Auto Shippers:

The first method is by simply filling out our online car shipping quote form and you can choose to be contacted either via phone or e-mail by one of our customer service representatives with a custom auto shipping quote.

The second method is to contact our vehicle shipping quote team by phone at (818)588-7129.

Please have the following information ready when calling our auto shipping quote line:

  • 1. The Make, Model, and year of the vehicle being shipped.
  • 2. The Zip Code for the origin and the destination of the vehicle being shipped.
  • 3. Estimated date for vehicle shipping.
  • 4. Please let our representative know about any custom or aftermarket equipment that has been added to the vehicle being shipped.
It is always a good idea to remove all personal items from inside your vehicle prior to shipping your car. We ask that you do not leave any large items inside the car due to the fact that when your vehicle is in transit, objects can shift around and damage the interior of the vehicle. We allow up to 100 lbs of luggage or other not breakable personal items to be placed within the trunk of the vehicle.

2. Scheduling and transit time

It is best to schedule your vehicle for shipping as far in advance as possible to make sure that we can accommodate your requested time frame for pick up and delivery. However if you need your vehicle picked up ASAP we do have terminal service in most major cities and we can have your car picked up the same day. For further questions please contact our support team at (818) 588-7129.

The owner of the vehicle that is being shipped does not have to be there in person to release the vehicle to the auto shipper. The vehicle can be left with a friend or relative or even a storage facility, as long as there is someone present at the time of pick up to sign for the bill of lading.

The length of time that your vehicle will be in transit is all dependant on the distance between the pickup point and the destination. Generally speaking from one coast to another it will take any where between 10 to 14 days. We generally try and expedite the transit time as much as possible for all of our customers without any extra charge, unlike most brokers out there.

3. Service and payments

You can pay for your auto shipping costs through the following methods: VISA, Master Card, American Express, Money Order, Cashier’s Check, or COD.

Door to Door service means picking up your vehicle at your door from the origin point and delivering the car to your door step at the receiving end. In most urban areas the truck can meet you at your door for pick up and delivery of your vehicle. However if you are located in an area that has over hanging trees or is not maneuverable by an 80 FT long, 80,000 LB truck, the driver may ask you to meet him at a near by parking lot or a freeway off ramp where your car can be loaded or unloaded safely. It is the discretion of the driver whether he feels that your neighborhood is maneuverable by a car carrier truck or not, being it as though he is responsible for the safety of the truck, and also the safety of our customer’s vehicles.

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